Environmental Policy

SciQuip Ltd is committed to a policy of sustainable development meeting the needs of present business, employees and the wider local community without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainability for SciQuip Ltd

We recognise the importance of being able to conduct our business in an affordable, environmentally and sustainable manner increasing productivity and the quality of life for our employees, neighbours, local community and the general environment within the UK.

SciQuip Ltd is committed to sustainable sourcing of products and materials in order to minimise waste and ensure a higher quality of life for all those involved within our business.

SciQuip will:
• Continuously review its performance with regard to sustainability
• Identify opportunities and take action where practical to improve sustainability
• Identify and mitigate adverse impacts and risks
• Ensure a mind-set of sustainability within all of our employees and business practices
• Continuously improve where practical our employee relations, health, development and
inclusion and regularly audit our suppliers to ensure supplier minimum labour standards
are met in-line with the International Labour Organization Conventions on Labour
• Continuously improve wherever practical our client relations, environmental cooperation, health and safety and inclusion
• Ensure minimal impact on our local community, whilst supporting all aspects of that
community including local employment, sourcing, sponsorship and charity
• Regularly review the sustainable impact and policies of our suppliers of our suppliers
• Strive to improve our environmental impact especially with respect to noise, waste,
pollution, land and water use
• Increase wherever practical the use of sustainable/renewable energy sources

Matt Brooksbank
Managing Director

Quality and Environmental Policy Statement
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
Integrated Management System Standard

Strategic Direction
SciQuip serves its customers in a sustainable and responsible manner to establish itself as a leading supplier of laboratory equipment within the UK, continuing to develop new routes to market and to enhance value for both its customers and employees by developing sustainability in Science.

Scope and Context of the Organisation
SciQuip Limited was founded in 2001 and has developed into the highly efficient, quality and environmentally conscious company that it is today. We are a leading supplier of a wide range of quality scientific laboratory equipment and provide our customers with application and service expertise, creating complete and top of the range before and after sales service. With progression and business growth we have developed into the global market and operate internationally.

The scope of our integrated management system includes:
Supply and Service of Laboratory and Personal Protective Equipment
Policy Statement
• Our policy has been established setting a framework to achieve quality and environmental objectives
• We maintain a commitment to offering the highest standards of customer excellence, and recognise the importance of meeting applicable statutory, regulatory – compliance and other requirements
• Our aim is to create a working environment that supports strategic direction and promotes profitable delivery of high quality products to our customers, maximizing business opportunities where possible whilst
identifying internal and external factors influencing the business
• We have a commitment to the protection of the environment by striving to prevent and minimise our contribution to pollution of land, air and water including other specific commitments relevant to the context of
our organisation
• We also commit to protect the environment through effective waste management and efficient use of materials and resources, recycling all materials whenever and wherever possible
• We aim to continually improve quality and environmental system standards expected from customers by developing positive attitudes throughout operations in order to achieve enhanced quality and environmental
performance through our team of employees, external providers and management system standards
• It is also our aim to continually pursue a professional value added concept and maintain efficient and effective operational control within the business, ensuring continual communication and promotion of the
highest standards throughout our operational activities

As a team SciQuip is committed to this policy and convinced it will lead to increased standards and accomplishments within the business. All staff are aware of their responsibilities within our management system and
are committed to its future success.

This policy will be available to our interested parties where appropriate.

Matt Brooksbank
Managing Director